IRSST - Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail

1980: Industrial hygiene laboratories

Laboratory services

Believing that there was unanimous agreement on the need for a laboratory as an essential tool for both CSST stakeholders and the Institute’s researchers, a working group headed by Jean Yves Savoie, published the Projet d’organisation des services de laboratoires devant répondre aux besoins de l’Institut de recherche et de la CNESST (proposed organization of laboratory services to meet the needs of the research institute and the CSST).


Jean Yves Savoie, directeur des services et expertises de laboratoire, 1981 - 1985

A report by a working group chaired by the rector of Université de Sherbrooke, Yves Martin, recommended as follows: that the Institute’s laboratories and the CSST’s service laboratories be designed as an integrated whole located on the Institute’s premises, and that over and above the setting up of this group of laboratories essential to the smooth running of both organizations, the Institute be able to avail itself of existing, more specialized laboratories already in place in universities, hospitals and other public and private research agencies.


Alain Lajoie, coordonnateur soutien analytique, 1981 - 1984

Report of the working group responsible for recommendations concerning the creation of an occupational health and safety research organization

The working group chaired by the rector of Université de Sherbrooke, Yves Martin submitted a report recommending the creation of an OHS research institute to the minister responsible for applying the Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety. The document put forward a series of recommendations concerning the creation of an organization whose function would be occupational health and safety research.


Yves Martin, recteur de l'Université de Sherbrooke, 1975 – 1981; directeur général de l’IRSST, 1981-1984

Official creation of the IRSST

On November 28, Ghislain Dufour, president of the Conseil du patronat du Québec (CPQ), Louis Laberge, president of the Fédération des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ), and Robert Sauvé, president of the CSST, signed the Letters Patent officially creating an autonomous, not-for-profit organization named the Institut de recherche en santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST). As described by Yves Martin, it thus had total freedom and autonomy to carry out its function as a scientific research organization, and was assured it would benefit from the conditions essential to its credibility in fulfilling its own vocation.

Appointment of a Chief Executive Officer

Yves Martin became the first Chief Executive Officer of the IRSST, while Jean Yves Savoie was named director of laboratory services.


Ghislain Dufour, Conseil du patronat du Québec (CPQ), 1969-1997