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Occupational Health and Safety Research Grants

The IRSST funds university researchers and other scientific organizations to increase the resources dedicated to research.

 Temporary Suspension of Regular Research Grant Programs until June 30, 2021

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IRSST Grant programs

A leader in occupational health and safety research in Québec, the IRSST distinguishes itself from other research agencies devoted exclusively to the advancement of scientific knowledge by:

  • research priorities reflecting the needs of its clients and partners, namely the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST), its network, and the working community
  • a tight link between its activities and the actions of the CNESST and its network
  • collaboration with the working community and its partners on the majority of its research projects
  • emphasis placed on the transfer of knowledge, dissemination of research results to the working community and their appropriation by the users, with the help of partners and intermediaries. The IRSST's knowledge transfer advisors can provide support to researchers in their actions with partners from the different workplaces.

Priority Themes

Grant applications must preferably correspond to one of the Institute’s fields of research. Certain themes within each field have been suggested, particularly regarding collaborative research grants. Researchers may contact the leader of the research field in question for more information.

Types of Grants

Every year, the IRSST provides funding of $4.4 million for research projects and activities by external researchers. Funding is by project or activity, with follow-up mechanisms that promote interaction with the IRSST. The research reports published on the Institute's website are evaluated for scientific quality by peers.

Funding Procedures

Funding procedures apply to research projects and activities. The term “project” is used solely to make reading easier.

The different form preparation guides (lettrer of intent, protocol and activity) provide clarifications on eligible expenses. Please refer to them.

  • Installments. Depending on the project's duration and the budget, the grant may be disbursed in installments. The first instalment is usually paid at the start of the project, with others following the approval of progress reports, if applicable. The final instalment is paid on approval of the final report by the IRSST, following a peer review.
  • Deadline for use of funds. The use of the research funds for activities such as the correction of the final report, the presentation of the results at conferences or colloquia, and meetings with the intermediaries and partners in the study, is permitted up to six (6) months after the date of submission of the final report. This rule in no way obliges the IRSST to make the last payment planned on acceptance of the report.
  • Unspent balance. At the end of the study, any unspent balance must be returned to the IRSST within three months following the fund utilization deadline.
  • Information sharing. The IRSST reserves the right to share information on the applications it receives with, for example, other funding agencies to ensure the sound management of research funds and prevent duplicate funding of research projects.
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