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This program is currently being revised to conform to the certification booklet BNQ 1922-900 Masques destinés aux milieux de travail.

New Service Available

Evaluation of the Efficacy of N95-Type Respiratory Protective Devices and Barrier Masks

Because of its expertise, the IRSST was mandated by the Québec government at the outset of the pandemic to perform tests in order to certify the quality of the supply of barrier masks and N95-type respiratory protective devices (RPD) for workers in Québec.

The Institute is now offering a fee-based service to evaluate the efficacy of respiratory protective devices (RPD) and barrier masks. This expertise is available to businesses and organizations that purchase or manufacture these types of masks and wish to evaluate their efficacy.

Available Tests

Test d'APR (exemple)

Evaluation of the filtration efficacy of an N95-type respiratory protective device (RPD)

Respirator Filtration efficiency evaluation by comparison to an N95 NIOSH certified respirator under title 42 CFR 84.

Test de masque

Evaluation of the filtration efficacy and spray resistance of a barrier mask

Communal type face mask filtration efficiency and projection performance estimate following literature and IRSST's guidelines established by our aerosols experts.

How the Tests are Conducted?

Find out how the tests for the evaluation of N95 and barrier masks are carried out thanks to this incursion by the ICI Radio-Canada Télé Découverte team into the IRSST laboratories.

Test de masque barrière
Evaluated Manufacturers

List of manufacturers who have authorized the sharing of their results.

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Request for an Evaluation

To participate or to learn more about the terms, conditions and rates for the evaluation service, please send us a request.

A staff member will contact you to assist you in the evaluation process.