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State of the Art on Current Technologies Facilitating Smart Thermal Management in Personal Protective Equipment


According to CNESST data, 4,295 injuries associated with extreme temperatures were accepted between 2012 and 2016. The total disbursements for this kind of injury amounted to $25 million for that period.
Despite the standards governing working conditions and the advances in the development of better-performing protective equipment, heat stress remains a major occupational health problem. In this context, thermoregulatory systems that allow textiles to detect, react and adapt to a large number of stimuli, thanks to the functionalities they are given, present a good potential to improve personal protective equipment.

The research team will compile knowledge of integrated thermoregulatory systems that may potentially be applied to occupational health and safety.

The activity is also intended to identify the means to be used to allow the appropriate integration of these systems into personal protective equipment.