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Analysis of the potential application of smart textiles in occupational health and safety


Smart textiles are fabrics capable of detecting, reacting and adapting to electrical, magnetic, thermal, optical, mechanical and chemical stimuli. These fabrics open interesting prospects for the field of occupational health and safety, in terms of innovations such as integrated tracking systems, monitoring of physiological conditions, and integrated heating and cooling systems.

The researchers intend to compile a summary of knowledge about smart textiles. They also want to identify the technologies, solutions and products that could have applications in OHS.

This study will lead to the determination of research avenues and the development of smart textiles applicable to OHS.

Additional Information

Type: Project
Number: 2016-0028
Status: Completed
Year of completion: 2018
  • Patricia Dolez (Centre des technologies textiles)
  • Dominic Lachapelle (Centre des technologies textiles)
  • Olivier Vermeersch (Centre des technologies textiles)
  • Jacek Mlynarek (Centre des technologies textiles)
  • Justine Decaens (Centre des technologies textiles)