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Operationalizing the Motivational Interviewing Approach for Occupational Rehabilitation


In clinical practice, the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs is strongly influenced by clinicians’ relational skills. A worker’s (patient’s) resistance is directly associated with a driver personality style. Motivational interviewing (MI) is a person-centred, evidence-based approach that uses communication tools. A randomized, controlled study has shown that, when highly qualified, trained clinicians provide MI, it can limit the resistance and stimulate the commitment of the person who has to return to work.

To use this kind of interview in daily practice, it is essential to democratize the approach by operationalizing it and making it more explicit.

This study aims to provide an MI approach that is operationalized and adapted to the field of occupational rehabilitation and that will complement occupational rehabilitation programs. The research team proposes to adapt an MI intervention with clinical experts in occupational rehabilitation to ensure that the theoretical intervention is feasible and plausible. In addition, the feasibility of the adapted MI intervention will be explored in practice from the perspective of clinicians and workers.