IRSST - Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail

The effect of disease, pain and healing representations on the occupational rehabilitation process of workers with musculoskeletal disorders


The purpose of this activity was mainly to document the representations of disease, health, and healing that affect the rehabilitation process for workers with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) involved in a return-to-work process. The researchers investigated existing conceptual frameworks and related measurement tools. They then collected evidence from workers who had been absent from work for several months due to an MSD. The report situates the contribution of the workers’ representations and strategies in their path towards healing and a return to work. It shows the importance of systematically integrating these perceptions into the evaluation of each case so that the intervention can be anchored to the patient’s reality, and the quality of care thus be improved. The specific dovetailing of the clinical approach to the workers’ representations is a guarantee of progress towards re-employment.

Additional Information

Type: Project
Number: 0099-2710
Status: Completed
Year of completion: 2008
Research Field: Occupational Rehabilitation
  • Raymond Baril (IRSST)
  • Marie-José Durand (Université de Sherbrooke)
  • Marie-France Coutu (Université de Sherbrooke)