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Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome: A Great Unknown

Alice Turcot, MD with the INSPQ is presenting a prevention pamphlet about how to recognize the hypothenar hammer syndrome (HHS). This insidious disease that can be easily confused with other disorders, such as hand-arm vibration syndrome or Raynaud’s disease, which are also characterized by blanched fingers.

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Category: Video Summary
On screen:
  • Alice Turcot - Physician-consultant - Institut national de santé publique du Québec
Produced by:
  • Maura Tomi - Screenplay and Directed
  • Philippe Lemay - Filming and Editing
Research Project: 0099-9070
Knowledge Transfer Activity: 2015-0035
Publication no.: CS-013
Language: anglais, francais
Online since: March 06, 2017
Recorded date: February 28, 2017
Format: Video
Duration: 03:03