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Évaluation d’un système de corde d’assurance horizontale, de connecteurs d’ancrage et de fermes contreventées comme structure d’accueil lors de la pose de toitures résidentielles

Researchers André Lan and Bertrand Galy conducted a study with the aim of evaluating a horizontal lifeline system (HLLS), anchorage connectors, and braced roof trusses as a host structure for a worker’s lanyard to make it more effective, user-friendly and reliable by improving the installation method and making it lighter.

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Category: Video Summary
On screen: Produced by:
  • Maura Tomi - Screenplay and Directed
  • Philippe Lemay - Filming and Editing
Research Project: 2013-0047
Publication no.: CS-011
Language: French
Online since: February 08, 2017
Recorded date: February 06, 2017
Format: Video
Duration: 2:14