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Ergonomic intervention


This book is intended primarily for ergonomists in training, but it will also be of benefit to all ergonomists, whether novice or experienced. It was designed as a practical guide for use in academic ergonomics courses. Since it explains the practice of ergonomic intervention, the book should also be useful to occupational health and safety (OHS) professionals, as well as to various organization stakeholders. Other professionals involved in designing work situations, such as engineers, architects, information technology specialists and human resources officers, may also find it interesting to see how ergonomics fits in with what they do.

Ergonomic Intervention will help advance the field, improve the training of future ergonomists and contribute to making the practice of ergonomics better known and understood.

Additional Information

  • Marie St-Vincent
  • Nicole Vézina
  • Marie Bellemare
  • Denys Denis
  • Élise Ledoux
  • Daniel Imbeau
Research Project: 0099-5990
Online since: July 15, 2011
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