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Use and Inspection of Two-Post Above-Ground Vehicle Lifts: Identification of Technical Stability Determinants and Determinants of Mechanics’ Work


Vehicle lifts are used for vehicle maintenance and repairs. When using them, mechanics tend to work underneath or close to an above-ground load that weighs several tonnes, which represents a high-risk work activity.
In Quebec, two-post above-ground (2PAG) vehicle lifts are the most widely used. Accidents resulting from vehicle falls have been caused, among other things, by an inappropriate lifting method and by poor maintenance of the lift’s swing arms and accessories.

The research team intends to identify and characterize the main technical determinants of lifting stability with 2PAG lifts and the main work determinants underlying the adoption of lifting methods used in garages.

Based on the data obtained during the project, qualitative and quantitative verification criteria for the periodic inspection of such lifts will be proposed. In addition, the results will make it possible to target the most appropriate preventive methods to favour the safer use of 2PAG lifts.

Additional Information

Type: Project
Number: 2018-0002
Status: Completed
Year of completion: 2023