IRSST - Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail

2000: A vision of the future

The next generation

To ensure the next generation of researchers and consolidate the OHS researcher network, the Institute enhanced its graduate studies, cholarship/doctoral fellowship program generating a 20% increase in relevant applications. In addition, it worked in collaboration with Réseau provincial de recherche en adaptation-réadaptation (REPAR-FRSQ) to set up an assistance program for the development of research on the occupational rehabilition of workers with musculoskeletal disorders. It also joined forces with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to fund six new scholarships for occupational health research.

Exceptional contributions
Guy Perrault

Guy Perrault

Two researchers, Guy Perreault of the IRSST and Micheline Gagnon f Université de Montréal, whose work the Institute had been funding for many years, won recognition for their exceptional contributions to research. Mr. Perreault received the Prix Antoine-Aumont from the Association québécoise pour l’hygiène, la santé et la sécurité du travail (AQHSST), while Ms. Gagnon earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Society of Biomechanics for her entire body of work.

Micheline Gagnon

Micheline Gagnon

Tribute to Robert Sauvé


On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the IRSST paid tribute to Robert Sauvé by adding his name to the Institute’s official designation, without changing its initialism. The Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST) refreshed its image by adopting a new logo, at the same time.

René Lévesque

Pierre Marois, ministre d'État au Développement social, 1977 - 1980
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