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1986: A year of results

The Spitzer Report

Chaired by Dr Walter O. Spitzer, lthe Groupe de travail québécois sur les aspects cliniques des affections vertébrales (Québec working group on clinical aspects of ouccpational spinal disorders in workers) produced a report whose content enhanced the IRSST’s reputation on the national and international stages and is still cited in scientific publications today. Among other things, the rapport Spitzer revealed that a small group of only 7% of workers with occupational back disorders was absent from work for more than six months yet it accounted for nearly 77% of the compensation costs paid out by the CSST.


Patrick Loisel, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto


Clément Godbout,  Directeur québécois du Syndicat des Métallos (1981 - 1991), secrétaire général de la FTQ (1991-1993), président de la centrale (1993-1998)
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Arrival and departures

Monique Jérôme Forget was named chair of the Board of Directors, replacing the Institute’s founding president, Robert Sauvé. Biochemist Fernand Seguin, whose radio and television broadcasts introduced many Quebecers to the world of science, left the IRSST’S Scientific Advisory Board in the same year. He had been a member from 1981 to 1986.

Monique Jérôme Forget

Monique Jérôme Forget

Fernand Séguin

Fernand Séguin