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Portrait of Work and Occupational Health and Safety among 15-year-old in Quebec

Élise Ledoux, professor at UQAM, draws a descriptive portrait of youth, 15 years of age, holding a job during the school year. In this conference, the researcher speaks about their labour market entry and the reasons they give for holding or not holding a job during the school year; describes the type of employment held, the number of hours worked and the work schedules. Moreover, she describes the conditions in which the work is carried out; examines work injuries and ways of increasing awareness regarding occupational risks and, lastly, compares the health and personal engagement in their studies made by students holding a job during the school year with those who did not work.

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Category: Conference
On screen:
  • Élise Ledoux
Produced by:
  • Philippe Lemay - Filming and editing
Research Project: 2014-0032
Publication no.: CF-209
Language: French
Online since: January 11, 2017
Recorded date: September 13, 2016
Format: Video
Duration: 22:06