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Returning to the Office After the COVID-19 Health Crisis: An Approach to Transitioning to a New Organization of Work


This guide presents the elements that seem relevant to guide the return to the office and to facilitate the transition to new ways of working. It is a proposal that those responsible for the return to the office in your organization can adapt. It provides milestones to help those involved in this process to think about how to carry them out.

The approach used in this guide is based on scientific research and complements other documents currently available.


Scope And Limitations

Given the urgent need to make materials available to support workplaces, the research team is releasing a preliminary version of a guide developed in the scope of the call for research proposals geared towards developing solutions or advancing knowledge related to OHS in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be updated as additional information becomes available.

The content of this guide has no legal or regulatory status. Some of the recommendations presented may not be applicable or may need to be adapted to the context of each workplace. In any case, professional judgment should be used to define and implement the most appropriate measures.