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Occupational health and safety in vocational training centres - Prevention, a collective project


This report is meant to provide knowledge and courses of action for developing occupational health and safety (OHS) in vocational training centres (VTCs) or for continuing work that has begun. It may also be useful for college-level technical programs. It is based on the results of the research “Vocational training and OHS: Exploring the issues concerning students and instructors in vocational training centres in the dynamic context of teaching and learning.”

The report is intended for people working and intervening in the vocational training and technical sectors, including administrators and professional staff, teachers, students, and any other OHS players in school boards, VTCs and colleges.

The core of the report consists of four sheets corresponding to four aspects of prevention to take into account for sustainable OHS. These sheets contain the main research findings and can be used to define, for your environment, positive aspects to be retained and others requiring work. The other two sheets provide a summary of the research and avenues for reflection.

Additional Information

  • Céline Chatigny
  • Aurélie Tondoux
Research Project: 0099-6810
Knowledge Transfer Activity: 2013-0037
Online since: June 10, 2014
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