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The workload and energy expenditure of physical education instructors


The scientific literature contains no study on the energy expenditure level of physical education instructors, or on the probable differences in workload between instructors at different levels and between men and women. The authors of this study wanted to quantify the energy expenditure for the task of physical education instructor in his work environment, based on his physical condition determined by laboratory tests, but also according to different criteria including the pedagogical tasks performed.

The result is that the average energy expenditure of physical education instructors varies from low to moderate, but includes periods of very high intensity. The authors note that this energy expenditure is not affected by gender, age or educational level. Finally, the physical condition of physical educators, particularly aerobics instructors, varies from good to excellent.

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  • François Trudeau
  • Louis Laurencelle
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Online since: June 07, 2011
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