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Safeguarding of hydraulic power press brakes


This guide was designed to inform companies about the means available for safeguarding hydraulic power press brakes, mainly the risk of the production operator being pinched and crushed between the dies. It emphasizes two recent means of protection: the safety light curtain and the laser beam device, and is intended for everyone who participates in decisions relating to the safeguarding of hydraulic press brakes.The first part of the document establishes some safeguarding concepts as well as the vocabulary related to hydraulic power press brakes. The next part defines the production variables that must be taken into account in choosing the best adapted safeguarding methods. Various means of safeguarding the front, rear and lateral zones are then explained. Abundantly illustrated, the document also proposes solutions adapted to problematic situations in terms of safety on this type of press brake.

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Online since: June 15, 2010
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