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From research to action: Accident prevention on fishing boats

Fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations, as the fatal accident statistics for the fishing industry compared with those for other occupations clearly show. On a fishing boat, the work is performed under difficult conditions, on a slippery, moving surface exposed to the elements.

Overboard Falls of Crew Members on Québec Lobster Boats: Risk Analysis and Prevention Solutions

This study highlights and delineates six work situations associated with the risk of falling overboard: three at the opening of the fishing season (loading the lobster traps, travelling from the wharf to the fishing area and dropping (setting) the traps in the water) and three during regular fishing (hauling the traps, shifting trawls in the fishing area and dropping the traps back in the water).

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Assessment of Roll-damping Systems in Québec’s Mid-shore Fishing Fleet

The main objective of this study was to respond to an issue of great importance to Québec fishers: whether it is worth it to equip boats with the hinged fin roll-damping system. The results of our study show no negative indicators regarding this new hinged fin technology. The expansion of its use throughout the Québec fishing fleet is, therefore, to be expected.

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