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Evaluation of Worker Exposure to Swimming Pool Disinfection By-Products in Québec


Despite a non-negligible number of workers working in aquatic facilities in school, municipal or tourist environments, data on exposure to pool disinfection by-products are rare, or even non-existent for Québec. The researchers therefore want to evaluate ambient contamination levels and develop biological exposure indicators for trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, compounds whose effects can be carcinogenic and reprotoxic.

To do this, they will sample the water and air of indoor and outdoor swimming pools in Montréal and Québec City, in addition to measuring the biological contaminants of workers.

With the results of this project, it will be possible to better characterize the extent of the exposure of swimming pool workers to these contaminants, and eventually, to propose a method for environmental and biological surveillance.

Additional Information

Type: Project
Number: 2010-0010
Status: Completed
Year of completion: 2015
  • Robert Tardif (Université de Montréal)
  • Manuel Rodriguez (Université Laval)
  • Sami Haddad (Université de Montréal)