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Preparation of a technical guide on the safety of computer-operated mine hoists


The recommendations contained in this publication are the result of a process to analyze the risks associated with the control and monitoring systems of mine hoists using programmable technologies. Based on the experience of users, manufacturers and CSST inspectors, this process takes into account experiences in the mining environment and with other applications of programmable control technologies in different types of industries, often actualized as specific standards. This technical data sheet is therefore intended for users and installers of mine hoists controlled by programmable control systems (PES). Its information complements the CSST guide, Les machines d’extraction (Mine hoists), and is provided as a guide. It does not preclude the designer or user from having to comply with all of the legal or regulatory requirements. The recommendations that it contains mainly address the general structure of control and monitoring systems of PES-controlled hoists, the specific components, and the periodic tests and verifications. This technical data sheet replaces Safety of Mine Hoists Controlled by Programmable Systems (RF-267) published by the IRSST in 2001.

Additional Information

Type: Project
Number: 0099-0180
Status: Completed
Year of completion: 2001
  • Joseph-Jean Paques (IRSST)
  • Louis Germain (Centre canadien de la technologie des minéraux et de l'énergie)
  • Réal Bourbonnière (IRSST)