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French name in the regulation: Roténone
CAS : 83-79-4
Synonyms: Green Cross Warble Powder, Rotenon, Rotocide

Exposure Standards in RROHS regulation

Permissible exposure values (PEV)
ppm mg/m3 f/cc Notes
TWAEV - 5 - -
STEV - - - -
Ceiling - - - -
Simple asphyxiant Percutaneous
Minimum exposure Sensitizer
Prohibited use Prohibited recirculation

TWA adjustment for unusual work schedules

IV : Daily or weekly adjustment ( the more stringent of the two)

CNESST – Toxicological Index Service

Consult REPTOX file: Rotenone



Recommended method by the IRSST:
Method: NIOSH - 5007
Sampling device: Polytetrafluoroethylene(teflon) filter
Flow rate: 1-4 L/min
TWA sampling volume: 100 L
STEL sampling volume: -
Remarks: This substance is not analyzed by our laboratories. It might be possible that the analysis be performed by another laboratory. Please contact the IRSST before sampling.
Principle: High performance liquid chromatography with UV detection (HPLC-UV)
NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods. 4th ed., Method 5007 : Rotenone, 1994.