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A Policy on Integrity

A Policy on Integrity

The IRSST recently adopted a Policy on integrity to emphasize the importance of this value to the Institute. This policy fits in with a current Canadian and international trend toward providing a clearer framework for the integrity of research practices. Much of the Institute’s Policy is based on the Policy for the Responsible Conduct of Research, adopted by the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ).

The IRSST Policy on Integrity applies to activities conducted internally and to those conducted externally by researchers working mainly at universities and research centres and whose work is funded by the IRSST.

It concerns the entire IRSST community, which consists of all individuals who take part in developing, evaluating, making decisions about, executing, or managing scientific activities conducted or funded by the Institute, or in disseminating or translating the associated results, as well as anyone hired to provide laboratory services.