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Competitive Research

 Temporary Suspension of Regular Research Grant Programs until June 30, 2021

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The Competitive Research Grant Program is intended exclusively for researchers affiliated with Québec universities or research centres who take the initiative of submitting occupational health and safety research proposals that the IRSST is likely to consider relevant, even if in some cases such projects go beyond the official bounds of the Institute’s stated research priorities


An applicant who files an application as a principal investigator must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, hold a doctorate or the equivalent, and hold a position as a professor or teacher in a Québec post-secondary educational or research establishment.

The principal investigator is responsible for the intellectual direction of the proposed research, performs the administrative duties related to the grant, and acts as the contact person with the IRSST. Only one person may play this role.


Three competitions are held annually. Applications should be received by the first Tuesday of January, April and September at the latest using the Research Protocol Form.

Approval Procedures

  • Submission of the “Research Protocol” form. Send the form by e-mail to the research management advisor for the research field concerned.
  • Verification of compliance. The application form is first checked to establish its compliance with the eligibility criteria and the form’s guidelines.
  • Decision on Relevance and Priority. The protocol is forwarded to the IRSST's governing bodies, which evaluates the project's relevance and priority based on its conformity to the IRSST's mandate and guiding principles
  • Evaluation of the protocol. The project’s scientific merit is evaluated through peer review. Consult "Evaluation Criteria for Research Protocols".
  • Recommendation on project funding. The Scientific Advisory Board then issues a recommendation on project funding, taking into account the evaluations done in the previous steps.
  • Announcement of the decision. An award letter, accompanied by the “Timetable and Instalment Procedures” form, is sent to all grant recipients.
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