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Transfert de compétences en formation sur la gestion de la sécurité des machines et les moyens de protection

(Transfer of competency in training in machine safety management and means of protection)

Paques, Joseph-Jean; Bourbonnière, Réal; Daigle, Renaud; Doucet, Patrick; Masson, Patrik; Masson, Patrice; Michaud, Philippe; Lane, Julie; Tardif, Jacques
Études et recherches / Rapport  R-394, Montréal, IRSST, 2005, 105 pages.

Project: Transfert de compétences en formation sur la gestion de la sécurité des machines et sur les moyens de protection

Champ: Prevention of Mechanical and Physical Risk Prevention


A previous project (099-042) resulted in training in risk evaluation for hazardous machines and in protective devices. CSST inspectors received this training and can now carry out more effective interventions in plants that use such equipment. To respond to the request from representatives of joint sector-based associations, plant engineering and maintenance personnel, and an engineering faculty, the researchers helped the partners develop training activities for these clients, based on the pedagogical material and methods used for training inspectors. In this context, they defined pedagogical objectives specific to each of the partners, prepared the required material, and offered the training thus produced. As a result of this transfer of competency on the identification of risks of hazardous machines and on the appropriate means of safety, the people who have received this training will be able to pass it on. The method described in this publication may eventually be used to transfer competencies in other fields. The tools used for evaluating the results of the different steps in the transfer of competencies are appended to the report. However, people interested in consulting the pedagogical material produced during the training projects must contact the authors directly.

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