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Guide for Safe Use of Isocyanates

The aim of the Industrial Hygiene Guide for Safe Use of Isocyanates is to inform and support occupational health and safety actors (safety practitioners, hygienists, etc.) as well as employers and workers in their efforts to prevent the risks associated with isocyanate exposure.

Additional Information

Category: Video Summary
On screen:
  • Simon Aubin - Professional researcher grade 1 - IRSST
  • Jacques Lesage
Produced by:
  • Linda Savoie - Screenplay
  • Philippe Lemay - Creenplay, filming and post-production
  • Gilles Fillion - Filming
Research Project: 0099-9160
Knowledge Transfer Activity: 2012-0042
Publication no.: CS-018
Language: anglais, francais
Online since: April 06, 2017
Recorded date: April 01, 2017
Format: Video
Duration: 3:20