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Lift trucks : Wearing a safety belt can save your life

The video Wearing a safety belt can save your life dispels the three most prevalent myths of lift truck operators: 1) “I would have the time to jump if my lift truck tipped over on its side”; 2)“If the lift truck tips over, I just have to grip the steering wheel tightly and brace my feet to keep me in place”; Third myth: “Wearing a lap belt causes whiplash and the intensity of the impact of my head on the ground would be greater.” The information is presented in such a way that a worker can picture himself in the situations described, and convince himself to wear a lap belt. This video was produced by the PERSEUS research group in the mechanical engineering department at the Université de Sherbrooke, in the framework of a project funded by the IRSST.

Additional Information

On screen:
  • Denis Lincourt - Conseiller en formation / formateur - Préventex
  • Denis Rancourt - Professeur de génie mécanique - Université de Sherbrooke
  • Claude Savoie - Représentant technique Dostie / formateur Centre 24 juin - Centre 24 juin
Research Project: 0099-2970
Publication no.: DS-021
Language: anglais, francais
Online since: November 24, 2008
Recorded date: November 24, 2008
Format: Video
Duration: 12:14