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Silvia Puscasu / Scientific professional

• M.Sc. Chemistry, Certificate in Analytical Chemistry, B.Sc. Chemistry

Silvia Puscasu

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Silvia Puscasu has held the position of scientific professional in the IRSST’s Laboratory Division since the spring of 2016. As part of her work, she is responsible for analyzing fibres and mineral dusts. She coordinates, supervises and approves production and the analytical results produced by this sector.

Ms. Puscasu first came to the Laboratory Division in 2013 to carry out her master’s-degree research project. She then pursued her career as a research assistant in 2015. During her internships at the Institute, she assisted IRSST-funded chemists with two research projects aimed at adapting and validating the CIP 10-M sampling device to the efficient and user-friendly sampling of MDI aerosols (4.4’-diphenylmethane diisocyanate), a powerful chemical contaminant, irritant, and cutaneous and respiratory sensitizer.


  • Analytical chemistry (inorganic compounds, crystalline silica, mineral fibres and dusts) and air sampling
  • X-ray diffraction and microscopy (Polarized Light and Phase-contrast Microscopy)
  • Quality control – Asbestos fibres (CQ Vrac).

Professional orders and other affiliations

Ordre des chimistes du Québec