IRSST - Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail

Sylvie Beaugrand / Research Professional

B.App.Sc.; D.E.S.S. (specialized graduate diploma) Ergonomics


Sylvie Beaugrand has worked as a research professional at the IRSST since 1991. She holds a specialized graduate diploma in ergonomics and a bachelor of applied science degree in civil engineering. She has contributed to many field research projects using a collaborative approach, with a focus on work activity and organizational factors. Her research topics include vehicle lifting in garages, the determinants of pesticide exposure in apple production, the use of transportation vehicles (crucible transporter, metro, lift truck), and conditions for induction of new workers in the mining industry.


  • Ergonomics, activity analysis, systemic approach
  • Industries: garage operation, apple production, transportation, mining, food processing