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Computer based tools for workplace heat stress

1) Utility and guide for preventing heatstroke
In French only

2) Estimation of the alternate work/rest regimen according to the Schedule V of the ROHS
In French only
This computer-based tool is used to estimate the alternate work/rest regimen in a hot environment based on Schedule V of the ROHS. The parameters to be considered are the physical work load and the WBGT values at the workstation and resting place.

3) Estimation of the alternate work/rest regimen according to the 2009 recommandations of the ACGIH ®
Available in English
This computer-based tool estimates of work/rest regimen during work in a hot environment according to 2009 ACGIH® "Documentation of TLVs®". Parameters are: metabolic rate, WBGT temperature values at the workstation and the rest location, and the clothing worn by the worker.


This file contains macros

On opening the file, you must absolutely:
  1. Save the file in your computer, and then close it..
  2. Open the Excel file that you have just saved.
  3. Turn on the macrosto allow the utility to work

The file doesn't seem to work?

Follow the steps below or open comment
this link to see how to change the security level for macros in Excel 2000-2003 (In french only)

  • The security/macros option for EXCEL parameters has deactivated them. You must modify the security/macros level.
  • Select the TOOLS menu, MACROS sub-menu, and the SECURITY sub-sub-menu and choose one of the following options: MEDIUM level or LOW level.
  • This change will take effect only after you have closed and restarted the Excel software.
* If you use Excel 2007, please follow the instructions on this link
* If you use Excel 2010, please follow the instructions on this link


Additional Information

  • Daniel Drolet
  • Pierre C. Dessureault
Research Project: 0099-6650
Publication no.: UT-016
Language: French, english
Online since: June 01, 2007
Format: Application / Website