Ergonomic Intervention

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Ergonomic Intervention

Designed as a practical guide for use in academic ergonomics courses. Since it explains the practice of ergonomic intervention, it should also be useful to OHS professionals, as well as to various organization stakeholders.

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Occupational Cancer

Occupational Cancer

Estimating the Number of Cases

This report presents an estimate of the number of cases of occupational cancer among Quebec workers.

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Heavy Vehicles

Heavy Vehicles

Assessment of Three Types of Reverse Alarm

A large part of  accidents involving heavy vehicles driving in reverse occurred despite the reverse alarm being in good working order at the time. An IRSST team compared the effectiveness of heavy vehicles reverse alarms.

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Manual Handling
Biomechanics and Ergonomics in Women Material Handlers
Manual Handling

An IRSST research team tried to gain a better understanding of the differences in how women and men handlers work.

Thermal Stress and Chemicals
Knowledge Review and the Highest Risk Occupations
Thermal Stress and Chemicals

Pharmacological and epidemiological studies report an increase in the absorption and effects of certain drugs, and higher human mortality associated with air pollution, on simultaneous exposure to heat and xenobiotics.

Road safety
Work-Related Road Collisions in Québec, from 2000 to 2008 Characteristics and Classification
Road safety

Better understanding of Work-Related Road Collisions in Québec and provide information that can help in developing prevention programs adapted to work-related traffic accidents.

Obese workers
Biomechanical and Ergonomic Impacts of Handling
Obese workers

Obese material handlers have a greater risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder during load handling.


Are you an employer commited to OHS?
Do you have a multi-ethnic workforce?

The IRSST is currently conducting a study on job reintegration that is entitled the process of rehabilitation and return to work in the context of intercultural relations.

If this topic concerns you and you would like to improve your practices, we would be most interested in hearing about your organization’s realities and needs.

A five step process
Learn to prevent interpersonal violence effectively
prevent interpersonal violence

A Web site that offers a practical, proven process for sustainably preventing workplace violence in all types of organizations.

Grant programs in the OHS field
Three funding programs for you

You may not be aware, but the IRSST is a funding agency that supports external researchers through three grant programs:

Worker's Fact sheet
Are There Carcinogens In Your Workplace?

Carcinogens in your workplace

Reference document to support the implementation of the identification of carcinogens in workplaces and prevention procedures.



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