OSH and immigrants

OSH and immigrants

Ethnocultural Belonging in Rehabilitation Research and Intervention

This study identifies and describes the themes that emerge from research works that have explored issues related to the influence of ethnocultural belonging on the rehabilitation and return-to-work process.

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Needlestick-Resistant Gloves

Worker Evaluation of Manual Dexterity, Tactile Sensitivity and Comfort

Latest test results performed by police officers, garbage collectors and gardeners.

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Control Banding Method

Control Banding

Selecting a Respiratory Protection Against Bioaerosols

This report proposes a control banding method for selecting respiratory protection against infectious and non-infectious bioaerosols applicable to all workplaces.

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Evaluation of the Implementation and Impact

This research evaluates the PRÉVICAP program (prevention of work handicap) which was based on a series of projects designed to promote workers' return to their pre-injury jobs.

PRÉVICAP is an interdisciplinary intervention program that targets workers with work-related musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) who are at risk for long-term disability but who seek to return to work. Its main objective is to foster the prompt, sustainable, and healthy return to work of workers with MSIs.

Construction workers
Crystalline Silica Exposure

Construction workers

In order to improve knowledge about working conditions that can expose construction workers, a joint team from the Université de Montréal and the IRSST developed an occupational exposure database for this contaminant based on the literature.

Clinical Practice Guideline
Work Functioning Assessment Of The Physically Impaired Person

Clinical Practice Guideline

Series of recommendations to help occupational therapists and their clients in order to lessen the variability obtained in evaluating work-related capacities.

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Worker's Fact sheet
Are There Carcinogens In Your Workplace?

Carcinogens In Your Workplace

Reference document to support the implementation of the identification of carcinogens in workplaces and prevention procedures.


A new collaborating centre
IRSST's Scientific Direction becomes a WHO collaborating centre

The main role of the collaborating centres is to provide strategic support to WHO in fulfilling its mandated activities and to help it ensure the scientific validity of global health work.


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