Preventing workplace violence

A five step process

Learn to prevent interpersonal violence effectively

The IRSST is launching a Web site that offers a practical, proven process for sustainably preventing workplace violence in all types of organizations.

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Safer material handling

New planning tool

Safer Material Handling

Gain a better understanding of the nature and complexity of handling situations and identify musculoskeletal disorder risks. This tool consists of five worksheets that can also help in targeting handling situations that need to be changed and in planning customized training in safe manual handling.

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Mental Health

Mental Health

Supporting a Return to Work after an Absence

The success of a return-to-work program can be ensured only if key conditions are in place. In addition, a practical guide is also available to help employers develop a successful process.

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Road safety
Work-Related Road Collisions in Québec, from 2000 to 2008 Characteristics and Classification
Road safety

Better understanding of Work-Related Road Collisions in Québec and provide information that can help in developing prevention programs adapted to work-related traffic accidents.

Obese workers
Biomechanical and Ergonomic Impacts of Handling
Obese workers

Obese material handlers have a greater risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder during load handling.


OSH and Immigrants
Ethnocultural Belonging in Rehabilitation Research and Intervention
OSH and Immigrants

Identifying and describing the themes that emerge from research works that have explored issues related to the influence of ethnocultural belonging on the rehabilitation and return-to-work process.

Needlestick-Resistant Gloves
Worker Evaluation of Manual Dexterity, Tactile Sensitivity and Comfort
Needlestick-Resistant Gloves

Latest test results performed by police officers, garbage collectors and gardeners.


Control Banding
Selecting a Respiratory Protection Against Bioaerosols

This report proposes a control banding method for selecting respiratory protection against infectious and non-infectious bioaerosols applicable to all workplaces.


2013 Activity report
Because prevention in the workplace is vital!

The IRSST 2013 Activity report is now available. For a complete list of publications and projects carried out or funded by the IRSST in 2013, please refer to the annex.

Grant programs in the OHS field
Three funding programs for you

You may not be aware, but the IRSST is a funding agency that supports external researchers through three grant programs:

Worker's Fact sheet
Are There Carcinogens In Your Workplace?

Carcinogens in your workplace

Reference document to support the implementation of the identification of carcinogens in workplaces and prevention procedures.



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