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Name :Elan
Address :Elan Schaltelemente GmbH & Co. KG
Im Ostpark 2
D-35435 Wettenberg
Web Site :www.elan.de
E-mail :[email protected]
Telephone :+49 (0)641 9848-0
Fax :+49 (0)641 9848-420
Devices available from
Control system
Dual safety valve safety relay?Definition
Emergency stop and guard interlock safety relay?Definition
Industrial safety programmable logic controller?Definition
Light curtain safety relay?Definition
Pressure sensitive mats and/or edges safety relay?Definition
Safety controller?Definition
Time delay safety relay?Definition
Two-hand control safety relay?Definition
Zero speed detection safety relay (with sensors)?Definition
Zero speed detection safety relay (without sensors)?Definition
Emergency stop
Emergency stop button (with forced opened contacts)?Definition
Enabling device?Definition
Interlocking devices (with and without guard locking)
Hinge switch?Definition
Mechanical limit switches with cam?Definition
Trapped key interlock switches?Definition
Two hand control
Two-hand control station?Definition
Wireless device
Miscellaneous wireless devices?Definition
Wireless enabling device?Definition
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