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Occupational Health and Safety of Students who Hold Jobs during the School Year: Effects of Concurrent School Activity and Work Constraints

Laberge, Luc; Ledoux, Élise; Thuilier, Chloé; Gaudreault, Michaël; Martin, Jeanne-Sophie; Cloutier, Esther; Auclair, Julie; Lachance, Lise; Veillette, Suzanne; Rozon, Claude; Gaudreault, Marco; Arbour, Nadine; Bescou, Sandra; Agenais, Thomas; Hostiou, Laurence
Studies and Research Projects / Report  R-752, Montréal, IRSST, 2012, 151 pages.

Version française disponible : R-705

Project: Effets du cumul d'activités et de contraintes de travail sur la SST des jeunes travailleurs aux études

Champ: OHS and Sustainable Prevention Work Environment


Proportionally, young people are victims of occupational accidents 1.5 times more often than older workers. From 1999 to 2004, an average of one death per month was recorded in this population. Also, these young people are more likely to hold atypical jobs and to have several jobs, without considering that half of them are also studying, thus forcing them to adopt schedules limiting their resting time. To better understand their increased risk of occupational injuries, the researchers will attempt to determine the consequences of cumulative work activities and constraints on their health and safety by taking into account the fact that they are a group vulnerable to excessive fatigue. The results of this study can be used in developing information and awareness campaigns targeting young workers and their employers.

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