IRSST publication

Guide for Safe Use of Isocyanates - An Industrial Hygiene Approach

Roberge, Brigitte; Aubin, Simon; Ostiguy, Claude; Lesage, Jacques
Studies and Research Projects / Technical Guide  RG-773, Montréal, IRSST, 2013, 94 pages.

Version française disponible : RG-764

Project: Mise à jour du guide d’utilisation sécuritaire des isocyanates

Champ: Chemical and Biological Hazard Prevention


Since isocyanates give rise to most occupational asthma cases in Quebec, a guide was developed in 2000 to facilitate the safe use of this substance, which among other things is used in automotive paints and polyurethanes. However, over the last 10 years industry has introduced new applications of isocyanates, greatly increasing the number of workers potentially exposed to this substance. By conducting a review of the scientific literature and consulting manufacturer databases, the researchers will update scientific and technical knowledge in this area, particularly toxicological data, regulations, processes and ways of controlling exposure.

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