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A User's Guide to Convoyor Belt Safety Protection from Danger Zones

Giraud, Laurent; Schreiber, Luc; Massé, Serge; Turcot, André; Dubé, Julie
Guide  RG-490, Montréal, IRSST, Montréal, CSST, 2007, 75 pages.

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Paper version available at the CSST: (514) 906-3060

Version française disponible : R-385

Project: Protection des convoyeurs

Champ: Prevention of mechanical hazards and physical


The use of belt or chain conveyors has resulted in several fatal accidents in Québec. The CSST has therefore created a committee mandated to design a tool for better identifying means of preventing such accidents. As a participant in this work, the IRSST will develop the content of a guide for each of these types of conveyors, in consultation with the industry. These documents will identify the appropriate means of prevention as well as regulations and standards relating to conveyors. The CSST will highlight the publication of these guides by conducting an awareness and dissemination campaign in workplaces. These tools will become the reference on conveyors for professionals, and make users of these machines aware of their hazards and the means of avoiding them. These guides will therefore help reduce accidents and allow manufacturers to consider safety principles and aspects in the design of new machines.

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