IRSST - Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail

Quality Control of Fiber Counts

Since 1992, the IRSST has had a fiber counting quality control program with samples from different Québec workplaces.

According to the requirements of the official counting method, fiber counters must participate in an interlaboratory exchange program using samples that are representative of their industrial activities, thus allowing their efficiency to be verified.

Every three months, participating analysts receive four samples. After three successful consecutive exchanges, based on specific criteria, they receive a certificate confirming their efficiency. This remains in force as long as they participate in the program and meet these criteria.

The list of recognized laboratories and counters is updated every three months.

Last Update: July 25, 2017

Analyst(s) :

  • Archambault Étienne
  • Blanchet Sonia
  • Després Philippe
  • Fournier Justin
  • Fries Jean-François
  • Herencia Fernando
  • Lindsay Barbara
  • Lototskiy Svyatoslav
  • Pellerin Jocya
  • Roy Jonathan
  • Tremblay Matthieu

Analyst(s) :

  • Aniscikli Selin
  • Austin Chelsea
  • Brogan Bailey
  • Coleman Meghan
  • Connolly Patrick
  • Gascon Danielle
  • Hamblin Ryanne
  • King Julia
  • McGrath Chris
  • O'Keefe Ross
  • Paquet Shawn
  • Park Aaron
  • Raymond Amanda
  • Ryan Erika
  • Snelgrove Curtis
  • Stapleton Jason
  • Sweeney Matt
  • Taylor Wanda
  • Warren Shane