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Call for research proposals

Factoring gender into occupational rehabilitation solutions

As part of its program for protecting and supporting workers in vulnerable situations, the IRSST is calling for research proposals related to the issue of factoring gender into the occupational rehabilitation process. Ratified on September 28, 2016 by the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board, this research theme now requires the involvement of interested researchers.

Workers in vulnerable situations include individuals who run a greater risk of occupational injury or prolonged disability, depending on their sociodemographic or occupational characteristics and the possibly related work contexts.

The aim of this research program is to:

  • determine the occupational trajectories of certain categories of workers in vulnerable situations;
  • gain a better understanding of the specific work contexts that expose them to more vulnerable situations;
  • contribute to the development of return-to-work support tools that target specific needs, from the prevention of disabilities to rehabilitation and the return to work following an episode of prolonged sick leave.

Two themes have been identified:

  1. Define the barriers, facilitators and issues that influence the return to work and ability to stay at work – gender-based differential analysis.
  2. Gender-based adaptation of return-to-work and stay-at-work intervention models.

The target clienteles are workers who have sustained an occupational injury:

  • physical injuries (including musculoskeletal disorders), or
  • psychological injuries (common mental disorders).

How to submit a research project

Researchers interested in one of these themes are invited to contact the leader of the occupational rehabilitation research field at the IRSST, Christian Larivière, to discuss their ideas before designing their project. A list of references related to the theme ― while not the result of a systematic search of databases ― could be sent to you if you wish.

Interested researchers must file a letter of intent through the collaborative research grant program.

For more information

Denys Denis
514 288-1551, ext. 282