IRSST - Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail

Report guidelines

Any establishment, researcher or team that accepts a grant from the IRSST or that carries out research or an activity internally, agrees to respect the report submission timetable appended to the award notification, as well as the IRSST’s report presentation requirements.

Progress report

Final report or deliverable

The final report is used to present the results of the research work funded by the IRSST to clienteles (OHS stakeholders, researchers, etc.) likely to be interested in or to use the work. As a general rule, the final report is published by the IRSST. However, the research results may, in certain cases, lead to the development of software, a technical device or technical or popular documents that may not follow the presentation rules described below. The description of the final deliverable is then specified beforehand in the letter of acceptance.

  • Any establishment, researcher or team that receives an IRSST grant or conducts research internally agrees to comply with the date for filing the final report or deliverable specified in the grant notice.
  • Should a final report or deliverable not be filed on the scheduled date, the IRSST suspends the final grant payment. After an unjustified delay of three months, the grant is automatically cancelled.
  • In certain exceptional cases and when deemed appropriate, the IRSST can authorize the deferral of the final report or deliverable based on a written request sent to the research management advisor stating the reasons justifying the deferral.
  • The final report or deliverable must be accompanied by a note indicating any change in the composition of the team, orientation of the work or any other major change since the last agreement with the IRSST.
  • In the absence of a satisfactory final report or deliverable, the IRSST may not make the final grant payment.
  • The IRSST reserves the right to refuse new grants for reseachers who have not submitted a final deliverable for a project on the agreed upon date.

The Communications and Knowledge Transfer Divsion provides authors with a template for the proper presentation of documents that are to be published by the IRSST (e.g. research reports, abstracts, knowledge reviews). The accompanying instructions make the template easy to use, enable authors to meet the requirements concerning document typography and layout, and facilitate reading by standardizing content presentation.

Financial report