Research project

Chemical and Biological Hazard Prevention

Implementation and validation of a sampling and analytical method for beryllium determination in the workplace

Huu Van Tra / Université du Québec à Montréal
Chantal Dion, Pierre Larivière / IRSST
Marie-Claude Giguère, Phuong Nguyen / Université du Québec à Montréal
Annie Ouellet / IRSST

0099-5960 : Completed

To document the presence of beryllium and worker exposure to this metal, professionals in the health network use the IRSST laboratories’ services. However, current analytical techniques do not detect all forms of beryllium (Be). The aim of this project is to provide the IRSST’s laboratories with a method to evaluate Be concentrations in the air and on workplace surfaces, and whose selectivity will be studied to prevent potential interference. As part of the thematic program on the monitoring and control of worker exposure to beryllium, this study will provide the laboratories with a specific analytical process that, since it is more economical and rapid than the conventional method, will reduce analytical times and costs. This new method will help in preventing worker exposure to beryllium and therefore in reducing workers’ risks of contracting occupational diseases.

IRSST publications

Giguère, Marie-Claude; Larivière, Pierre; Dion, Chantal; Van Tra, Huu
Détermination du béryllium dans l’air en milieu de travail - Mise au point d’une méthode d’analyse en fluorescence   (Determination of beryllium in workplace air – Development of a fluorescence analysis method)
Études et recherches / Rapport  R-700, Montréal, IRSST, 2011, 59 pages. Free download   More Info

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