911 Call Centre

911 Call Centre

Preventing musculoskeletal disorders and psychological health problems

A support approach for agents handling and dispatching difficult calls, with a view to preventing musculoskeletal disorders and psychological health problems.

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A support tool for choosing respiratory protection

This tool aims to help you choose appropriate, effective respiratory protection against infectious and non-infectious bioaerosols found in the workplace.

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Wind Energy Sector

Wind Energy Sector

OHS Risks and Accident Prevention Strategies

Despite very strong worldwide growth in the number of installed wind turbines, work accident statistics remain fragmentary, even internationally, and are not indicative of the status of occupational health and safety in the sector.

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Fishing Industry
Safety on Mid-shore Fishing Boats
Fishing boat and OHS

Ocean fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations, as it is carried out under difficult conditions on a slippery, moving surface exposed to the elements. The IRSST just published two studies that targeted the accident prevention on fishing boats.

Photovoltaic Industry
Challenges of Green Jobs

The photovoltaic industry is a booming business that generated some 220,000 green jobs around the world in 2010, with close to 2,000,000 projected by 2020. Yet it also has to deal with potential occupational health and safety risks throughout the life cycle of photovoltaic systems.

Procedure applied to machining and mechanical friction

This project’s objective was to establish an efficient nanoparticle measuring, control and characterization method applicable to industrial fabrication processes.

Roofstop stacks
Prediction of Pollutant Dispersion
Prediction of Pollutant Dispersion

Researchers wanted to improve current methods of predicting the effects of adjacent buildings on the dispersion of pollutants from rooftop stacks.

Reverse alarms
How to differentiate them?
Reverse alarms

Increasing numbers of heavy vehicles are equipped with a new type of alarm. This video explains the special features and advantages of this new “broadband alarm”.

End-of-Life Care and Services
Impact of Work Environment on Nurses' Job Satisfaction and Well-Being
End-of-life Care and Services

The purpose of this project was to improve the context in which palliative care at the end of life is provided, by developing and testing a model leading to a better understanding of nurses' job satisfaction and well-being.

Return to Work after Depression
The Viewpoint and Role of Unions
Return to work after a depression

The aim of this study was to gain a better understanding of the role of unions in the return to work of individuals who have suffered from depression, as well as the factors that, from union stakeholders' viewpoint, facilitate or hinder this return.

Lift trucks seat belt assemblies
Normative and usability criteria for counterbalanced lift trucks
Lift trucks seat belt assemblies

This exploratory study has profiled the main types of seat belts for lift truck use sold in Québec.ry study has profiled the main types of seat belts for lift truck use sold in Québec.


New technical guide
Choosing a Safe, Efficient Blow Gun
Blow Gun

This technical guide covers the use and features of different blow nozzles installed on air guns.

OHS research
Québec-Singapore occupational health and safety research partnership

The IRSST and the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Institute (WSHI) have entered into a bilateral cooperative agreement for occupational health and safety (OHS) research and expertise.

Member of its scientific advisory board
The IRSST Congratulates André Dufresne
André Dufresne

The IRSST would like to congratulate a member of its scientific advisory board, André Dufresne, PhD, CIH, who has just received the prestigious Donald E. Cummings Memorial Award from the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

New prevention fact sheet
Safe Use of Biological Degreasing Stations
Biological Degreasing Stations

This prevention fact sheet is intended for occupational health and safety practitioners in the motor vehicle garage sector and in other workplaces that do mechanical maintenance and use biological degreasing stations.

New eBook available
Ergonomic Intervention
Ergonomic Intervention

Designed as a practical guide for use in academic ergonomics courses. Since it explains the practice of ergonomic intervention, it should also be useful to OHS professionals, as well as to various organization stakeholders.


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