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Research Program Grants

The Research Program Grant program is designed to assist research teams in conducting an ongoing, structuring program on a research subject and that includes medium- and long-term objectives. The mixed type of funding offered (operating fund and funds to carry out research projects) covers a five-year period, with a maximum amount of $100,000 per year per grant.

To qualify for this type of grant, the research program must focus on one of the IRSST’s priority research subjects, an innovative research subject or an emerging OHS problem. The research program must tie in closely to the needs expressed by workplaces or the OHS network, or clearly identified by the researchers. It must be divided into two or three complementary research orientations.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, the research team submitting the application must be led by an IRSST researcher or a pair of researchers, at least one of whom comes from the IRSST. However, the team contact role for the Research Fund Division must be filled by an IRSST researcher.

An applicant may be awarded only one IRSST research program grant in the capacity of principal investigator, but remains eligible for the Institute’s other grant programs.

Principal investigators must:

  • be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada;
  • have a PhD or the equivalent;
  • hold a professor or researcher position in a Québec post-secondary educational institution or research institution.

Grant Application

All funding applications must be made using the following forms:

All the forms except for the Résumé page may be completed in English.

Important Dates

Notice of intent:

  • Deadline: December 13, 2021 at 4 p.m. EST
  • Announcement of notices of intent retained: March 30, 2022

Full application:

  • Deadline: May 24, 2022 at 4 p.m. EDT
  • Announcement of results: September 27, 2022

Submission of Notices of Intent

Steps in the Application Process

  • Submission of notices of intent: Applicants submit an avis d’intention [notice of intent] by email, by the deadline, to.
  • Administrative verification: The Research Fund Division verifies all notices of intent to determine their compliance with the eligibility requirements.
  • Examination of notices of intent by the IRSST’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB): The members of the SAB examine the eligible notices of intent. Applicants whose notices of intent are eligible are invited to a meeting with the members of the SAB.
  • Meeting with members of the SAB: This compulsory step gives applicants the opportunity to present their notice of intent and discuss it with the members of the SAB.
  • Selection of notices of intent by the SAB: Based on the pertinence and priority nature of the eligible programs, the members of the SAB select the applicants who may be asked to submit a full application. The SAB then sends its comments to all teams (both selected and not selected).
  • Submission of the full applications: Applicants whose notices of intent are retained by the SAB are then asked to submit a full application by email, to.
  • Scientific evaluation of the full applications: Each application undergoes a scientific evaluation.
  • Final decision: Based on the results of the scientific evaluation and how well the researchers’ have taken into account the comments issued during of the examination of the notices of intent, the SAB selects which research programs will be funded and sends its recommendations to the President-CEO. She authorizes the funding of the selected programs.
  • Notice of award: A notice of award, along with the reviewers’ comments, is sent to the research teams whose programs have been selected. These applicants are asked to confirm their acceptance within ten (10) working days of receipt of this notice. The reviewers’ comments are also sent to the teams whose programs were not selected.

Funding Procedures

The amount of a research program grant may be up to $100,000 per year, for a maximum of $500,000 per grant (excluding indirect research costs).

The General Guidelines on the grant programs of the IRSST’s Research Fund and the various forms (Avis d’intention, Subvention par programmation - Demande complète [notice of intent, research program grant – full application]) give details on eligible expenses. Please refer to them.


Depending on the duration of the research program and the size of the budget, payments can be made in different ways. For more information about payments, please refer to the directives générales on the grant programs of the IRSST’s Research Fund.

Deadline for Using the Funds

Research funds awarded for activities such as correcting the final deliverable, presenting the results at conferences and meeting with information intermediaries and partners in the study, may be used for up to six (6) months after the date on which the final report is submitted. This rule in no way obliges the IRSST to issue the final payment, which is payable upon acceptance of the deliverable.

Unspent Balance

Upon completion of the research program, any unspent balance must be returned to the IRSST’s Research Fund within three (3) months of the deadline for using the funds.

Sharing of Information

To ensure sound management of the Research Fund, the IRSST reserves the right to share information on the applications it receives with other granting agencies to prevent duplicate funding, for example.