IRSST - Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail

Thematic Websites and Web Applications

IRSST is producing thematic Websites and Web Applications that present some if its research results interactively and dynamically. : Work-Studies Balance

This diagnostic tool is an online questionnaire that can be completed by a young person, either alone or with a caseworker, other professional, employer or parent present. It gives young people a quick overview of their situation in terms of education, work and health. Based on the person’s profile, various practical tips, strategies and lines of thought are provided. The tool is intended to allow youths who hold jobs while attending school to better reconcile the different components of their life in order to prioritize academic success.

Available in French only.

HLLS : Preventing Falls from Heights

This Web application can be used to design horizontal lifeline systems (HLSs), also called flexible continuous anchorage systems. Incorporating the nomograms developed when the technical guide was being updated and all HLS design parameters, this application offers a user-friendly way to calculate cable tension and deflection for fall arrest purposes, as well as the clearance required in relation to the cable.

Choosing a Respiratory Protection Against Bioaerosols

This Web application helps to choose an appropriate and effective respiratory protection against infectious and non-infectious bioaerosols found in the workplace, which can be a complex task because of the lack of bioaerosol exposure standards.

Statistiques sur mesure

Prévention violence au travail

The IRSST produces statistical indicators to support its strategic orientations. This data may be useful to guide your OHS interventions or future research orientations. Moreover, this website proposes different themes treated on four levels of information.

Available in French only.

Prevention of Violence in the Workplace

Prévention violence au travail

A practical, proven approach to the sustainable prevention of violence in the workplace that is applicable to all types of organizations. The information provided on the site allows administrators to adapt the violence-prevention process to their company's size and activity sector and to the presence/absence of a union. Be sure to visit this informative website.

Work Gloves

Gants de travail

Interactive tool for selecting protective gloves based on your needs. With it, searches can be done for a specific model of glove and by means of criteria, particularly for mechanical résistances.

Manual Handling


This website offers the most recent knowledge and relevant information on the risks associated with manual handling and on how to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Avalaible in french only

Prévention au travail


This magazine offers path-breaking material for suggesting avenues for action and for exchanging ideas with its editor. The magazine is published bythe IRSST and the CNESST.

Available in French only.

Solub, a workplace solvent-substitution procedure


This website is intended for occupational health and safety professionals who want to carry out an organic solvent substitution project.

Available in French only.

Beware! Slippery floor

Planchers glissants

This website is an awareness-raising and training tool for young workers exposed to the risk of slipping and falling, particularly in the food services industry. It mainly offers prevention advice and a guide on the cleaning products to use, based on the type of floor covering and the type of grease to be removed.

Available in French only.