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The aim of this tool is to prevent accidents in confined spaces by helping companies follow section 300 of the Regulation Respecting Occupational Health and Safety (ROHS) and section 3.21.1 of the Safety Code for the Construction Industry (SCCI). This tool has no legal or regulatory value. In this regard, please refer to the ROHS or SCCI. The tool applies to all industries, including construction.

The approach proposed here takes into account the complexity of confined space work. It is intended for qualified people (section 297 of the ROHS) who are knowledgeable about this type of work and risk management. We strongly suggest that workers qualified for confined space work and anyone else with information useful in documenting risks be involved in the process.

This analysis is not to be done just prior to entry into a confined space because it takes time. The tool does not totally eliminate the subjectivity inherent in this type of analysis (for example, risk estimation). It provides support for cases where it is not possible to quantify data.

You should periodically review the information in your files. We also suggest you save all completed forms, as PDF files, on your own computer system.

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