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The instructions and information provided in this tool were written by occupational health and safety researchers, with the help of a grant from the IRSST as part of the research project Development of a Confined Space Risk Analysis and Work Categorization Tool (R-955).

  • Damien Burlet-Vienney, IRSST
  • Brigitte Roberge, IRSST
  • Yuvin Chinniah, École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • Ali Bahloul, IRSST

Other scientific publications

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We would like to thank the people and organizations that sat on the monitoring committee for the development of this tool: Elsa Dagenais, Via prévention; Caroline Godin, Multi Prévention; François R. Granger, CNESST; Élaine Guénette, APSAM; Charbel Mouawad, ASFETM; Mireille Pelletier, CSN; Pascal Rousseau and Philippe Rouleau, PréviBois; Bernard Teasdale, ASP Construction. Their contributions were extremely valuable and much appreciated.


Marie-France d’Amours and Linda Savoie, IRSST


Ameziane Meddour, IRSST

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Isabelle Vézina, IRSST


James Cookson and Karin Montin


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