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Sampling guide for air contaminants in the workplace (8th Edition, v.8.1, updated)


Cited as a reference document in the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety (RROHS), this guide describes the strategy and methods for measuring workers' exposure to gases, fumes, vapours or dusts so that means of control can be implemented.

The modifications and additions to this eighth edition take into account the recent evolution in workplaces and the Québec health and safety regulations.

  • The Sampling Strategy chapter has been enhanced by the addition of new references and reorganized to make its content comply with the RROHS.
  • In the Instruments and Sampling Techniques chapter, a new section called Compliance with the RROHS's permissible exposure values (PEVs) clearly states the invariable nature of PEVs in relation to temperature and pressure.
  • This change led to substantial modifications to the chapters on pumps, flowmeters and calibration.
  • The sections on direct-reading instruments, analysis of respirable compressed air, microbiology and surface tests were also updated.

You may also consult the Substance Records from the Workplace Air Contaminant Sampling Guide. This computer-based tool allows users to search the sampling parameters and the analytical method for the substances listed in the ROHS and few other substances analyzed by the IRSST.


Veuillez noter que la version 8.1 du Guide T-06 présentement disponible sur notre site web en format PDF n’est pas à jour et n’inclut pas les dernières modifications de l’Annexe 1 du RSST.

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