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Safe Integration of New Workers on Mining Companies


The safe integration of new workers in Québec’s mining sector poses specific challenges, especially given the nature of its activities. Based on observations made in five Québec mines, a study2 conducted by the Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST) brought to light practices and conditions that promote this integration, namely:

  • organization of the worker integration system in a way that supports learning;
  • planning of production in a way that takes worker integration and training into account;
  • appropriate allocation of human, physical, and financial resources; and
  • factoring in of task complexity and situational variability.

The research team has developed a self-diagnostic tool inspired by this study to help you reflect on how new workers are integrated in your company. By means of questions about the goals and process of integration and the key actors involved, this tool will enable you to:

  • identify your current practices and conditions that facilitate new worker integration, and
  • identify action priorities to ensure continuous improvement.

Additional Information

  • Élise Ledoux
  • Sylvie Beaugrand
Research Project: 0099-8660
Knowledge Transfer Activity: 2016-0053
Online since: April 04, 2017
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