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Physiological and Physical Constraints Associated with Wearing a P100 Respirator, by Intensity of Physical Work and Ambient Conditions


While air-purifying respirators (APR) offer effective protection from aerosol particulates, one of the reasons most frequently cited for non-use of and intolerance to APRs with filters is the discomfort caused by the buildup of heat under the mask and mechanical pressure on the face.

The objective of this research is to measure the effect of wearing an APR on different physiological variables, according to physical effort, temperature and relative humidity. The type of respirator selected for the study is a half-face mask with a reusable P100 filter, the type most frequently used by workers in construction and suggested by the ASP Construction.

The results will enable us to issue recommendations when APRs are used under restrictive environmental conditions and during significant physical effort. The research will also be used to validate an experimental protocol that will eventually enable us to study the limitations associated with the various models of APR available on the market.

Additional Information

Type: Project
Number: 2015-0033
Status: Completed
Year of completion: 2019