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Fact sheet development – Choosing a lift truck seat belt assembly: guidelines for making informed choices


In a previous exploratory study on seat belts currently installed in lift trucks in Quebec, the researchers analyzed the mechanical components of seat belt assemblies based on the safety standards. They also reported operators’ experience of seat belt use on the job.

Some seat belts were shown to be more effective in terms of safety; others in terms of comfort and mobility required to perform work.

Based on these findings, the authors will propose a practical guide to help companies select the right seat belt assembly for their context of use.

Additional Information

Type: Knowledge Transfer Activity
Number: 2013-0072
Status: Completed
Year of completion: 2014
  • Sylvie Beaugrand (IRSST)
  • Denis Rancourt (Denis Rancourt)
  • Christian Larue (IRSST)
  • Marie-France d'Amours (IRSST)
  • Linda Savoie (IRSST)