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Study of the possible causes of bursting of tires on heavy duty trucks and identification of potential solution scenarios


In Québec in the last four years, three fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles were directly attributable to the bursting of tires. The degradation of the rubber under the effect of heat is the main cause. In fact, under some conditions when the temperature reaches a sufficiently high threshold, several physical and chemical phenomena occur inside the tire and in the volume normally occupied by the air that fills it. The heating of the air inside the tire helps raise the internal pressure, and the degradation of the rubber by the oxidation produced by the increase in temperature seems to cause a reaction characterized by a release of heat that can lead to the explosion of the gases thus produced inside the tire. There are few apparent indications for detecting the start or scope of the degradation with or without pyrolysis (a phenomenon that requires the presence of oxygen).
This study will lead to the updating of knowledge on the phenomenon of tire bursting, as well as its causes, consequences, risks and means of preventing it. Previous studies dealing with means of degradation and aging of tires and on the mechanical properties and failures of the wheel-tire system will also be updated.

Additional Information

Type: Project
Number: 0099-4830
Status: Completed
Year of completion: 2006
  • René Benoît (IRSST)
  • Michel Gou (Polytechnique Montréal)
  • Toan Vu-Khanh (École de technologie supérieure)
  • Patricia Dolez (École de technologie supérieure)
  • Olivier Bellavigna-Ladoux (Polytechnique Montréal)
  • Said Jazouli (École de technologie supérieure)
  • Cédrick Nohilé (École de technologie supérieure)