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Maintenance guide for the prevention of microbial contamination in ventilation systems


Since the mid-1980s, the number of complaints about the air quality in non-industrial buildings has been increasing. After receiving several requests for information and technical support, the IRSST decided to address the problem. The Institut has now developed good expertise in the area, leading to the production of a new guide for the prevention and control of microbial proliferation in ventilation systems. Drawing on the results of a previous study on microbial decontamination in ventilation systems and on the expertise acquired in some 20 workplace projects, the authors have made specific recommendations regarding the design and preventive maintenance of the systems. They have also conducted an exhaustive bibliographical review of the technical and scientific literature as well as many consultations. This guide allows managers to better understand the phenomenon of microbial proliferation in ventilation systems and to learn about the maintenance procedures and modifications required according to the state and configuration of the system’s components. It also provides all the information needed for a better evaluation of the work done by firms specializing in the maintenance and cleaning of such systems.

Additional Information

Type: Project
Number: 0092-2220
Status: Completed
  • Jacques Lavoie (IRSST)
  • Louis Lazure (IRSST)